Dil Bechara

Dil Bechara is a Hindi movie based on John Green’s ‘Fault in Our Stars’. This is also actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s last Film. Noting down, how I liked it. A short review, perhaps.

Million Yen Women

100 million yen women is a Japanese series based on a Manga by Shunju Aono and is currently available on Netflix. This is my first ever Japanese drama and I decided to watch it because of the description given. Looking back, there are still some questions left unanswered and chances for doubt, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and the […]

Thappad – Not Just A Slap!

I can’t remember the last time my chest felt this heavy after watching a movie and I sit down, trying to note down the scenes that moved me and I can’t narrow it down to scenes. It’s much more. Just how amrita says, it’s not just a slap, I think this movie is not just about a slap. It is […]

Philophobia – The Fear of Love

Today, somebody told you he loves you and scared of love, you tell him you don’t. You think Love is weird. On days like these, when you have to contemplate on love and life, you are reminded of your mother’s hospital days. Those days when you kept shuttling between home and hospital, feeling guilty about the once in a while […]

If I knew the real you – Confused_Thinker

This is in memory of a friend and this is the first time I am recording something I wrote. Please spare me for the low quality and pronunciation and kindly give me suggestions. Hope you guys will like it – Annu Books and movies taught me  No meetings are meaningless And may be that’s why  I kept going back to […]


It seems like yesterday that I saw her standing on the hill waving that white handkerchief. The day I left my hometown, the day on which I dared not to look back. She was the woman of my life. The one I had always loved. Very few people are fortunate enough to marry their first love and I am one […]

The Blindman’s Dream

His days and nights were both blackBut the world never cut him any slackHe was constantly in the darkBut his mind was brighter than any spark We had met more than onceBut for him, I was just another oneIn the dead, but  beautiful eyes of hisI always sensed some unknown fright Never did I hear him complainNor did I see […]


She was a woman. Not the sort bounded by definitions, but one who wanted to outlive all boundaries. She knew it was not easy as it sounded. Not at least in the world, she was in. But somewhere in the depth of her heart, somewhere in the darkest corners, she was not willing to give up without a fight. There […]


Open letter to the person I have always loved, and will continue loving on.. Dear first love,I remember nothing of our first meeting but I am certain that a smile might have crossed my face upon seeing you. From that day onwards, you were always by my side, you were always there watching out for me.You taught me how beautiful it […]