Thappad – Not Just A Slap!

Thappad – Not Just A Slap!

I can’t remember the last time my chest felt this heavy after watching a movie and I sit down, trying to note down the scenes that moved me and I can’t narrow it down to scenes. It’s much more.

Just how amrita says, it’s not just a slap, I think this movie is not just about a slap. It is about numerous things that we not just see but notice everyday, but purposefully ignore for our own convenience, peace of mind. For me, it was not about how a man treats a women, but also about how women treat one another, the beliefs that grow up and grow with us, the idea of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ , implanted and nourished within. And by the end of the movie, I am left with a whole lot of questions, flooded with a whole lot of emotions and above all, I am drowned in guilt.

All through the movie, I kept on seeing women around me, how everybody including me, keep on taking advantages of their choices or the choices they think they had or made. I question the definition of happiness, I wonder if the definition was ever theirs to begin with. I feel sad at the hopelessness, how at some point of their life they were brainwashed to believe their happiness lie in somebody else’s happiness.I feel bad that now even they don’t understand what they need, how they have been programmed to be somebody they never were. And I realise, I too occasionally, nop.. frequently is making use of some weird label somebody have given them. And I feel guilty and i remain guilty changing nothing, because somewhere deep inside, even I find it convenient to believe that it was their choice and to an extent, I feel right. May be that’s what everyone of us think. May be that’s what Vikram thought.

And that’s when Amrita tells us, it’s not okay. Amrita tells us you too deserve respect and happiness, that no matter the gender, everybody do. Amidst the silence, even a small voice could be loud enough to knock people back to their senses, to let people around you know that everyone else and you deserve better. And for me, Amrita was that voice.
Thanking the whole team for the wonderful experience!!!

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