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Chhapaak – Lesson’s Learnt

Chhapaak – Lesson’s Learnt

Watching a movie could take you through a roller coaster of emotions which may or may not be real . So making it clear I am not here to showcase my sympathy on how hard Malti’s life had become on a fine morning so unexpectedly. I believe I am in no place to feel with her and honestly I might never know how it feels to be her. We are two different people , living very different lives and it amuses me that there is still so many things me and many others could learn from her. Many instances in the movie had made wonder, think and I am here to talk about them

1. Acid attacks or any such brutality has nothing to do with gender, so does humanity. There is parveen who helps Babbu to throw acid on Malti’s face and life, who is a woman and then there is amol, fighting for a cause with all his might for something he has or never will go through. So basically, there is no point on pinning this on gender.

2. Evil people and corroded hearts could scar your faces, shame your body, attack you physically, but they would never be able to touch your soul, scar your spirit or break you down unless you let them.

3. Beauty has nothing to do with faces. It never had. Beauty is, was and will always be something more ethereal. And once you find that beauty of yours, once you find that beauty within, there is no looking back. There would be nothing pulling you back.

4. Nobody can take away your right to be happy. You decide the hours to be happy, you decide the things to celebrate. Things might have gone wrong, there might still be a long way to go, but nothing should stop you from enjoying the present. When Malti stands up to Amol and says, ” Why are you doing all the drama when I who was attacked decides to celebrate” literally gave me goosebumps.

5. And Last but not the least, Love. Malti’s courage to love again when she was let down by love in a courtroom. Her honesty in her emotions, her confidence in expression has literally shook me. But the scenes also made me think that someday, love that is meant to be would somehow find its way.We could make mistakes, we could stumble upon the wrong person, but then no matter what happens, we will end up with the right person. ( I exist to be a hopeless romanticist).
Dear Deepika,
Thank you for giving life to yet another wonderful character. From the way you shiver when your mother applies medicine on you, the way you scream on seeing your face on the mirror the first time, to the time you stood strong in face of adversities, life and love, you took my heart. And You are a wonderful artist.
Dear Laxmi and many others,
I just want to tell you , ” I LOVE YOU”

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