While You Were Sleeping – The Best Emotional Points !! Love , Pain, Righteousness or whatnot

While You Were Sleeping – The Best Emotional Points !! Love , Pain, Righteousness or whatnot

1. Prosecutor Son – Organ Donation / Autopsy

Motherly love - Tries to understand others even though you are desperate - While you were sleeping - Prosecutor Son - Organ Donation/ Autopsy

To a mother, her child would always be the first priority. It’s more than just a simple conflict when a mother has to choose between her child and another. In this particular scene between the prosecutors, prosecutor son shook our hearts with, “Not as a prosecutor, but as a parent”

2. Cry of The Father – Dilemma

Dilemma of a father giving up on his son for giving hope to many. While you were sleeping - organ donor

It’s never easy for a parent to let go of his child when there is even a slight sign of life.  He might act tough, but the pain he has to go through is unimaginable. Leaving his son to death is nothing less than giving up his hopes and dreams about his son that he had till date. Giving up hope for giving hope to many is not an easy thing to do. And the scene and the actor brilliantly conveyed those both.

3. When choices are to be made

While you were sleeping - Han Woo Tak - Police Officer - Color blind

To bestow your only hope and dream for people you love is not simple. It’s even harder when those people themselves want you to run away. Han Woo Tak, a police officer who considers death better than quitting his job, gives up his job for the truth to be revealed. He teaches us that even though it’s never easy to follow the path that is right, there is pleasure and goodness waiting out there to surprise you. The dilemma of choosing between friendship and truth over his dream is wonderfully portrayed.

4. Happiness even in death

Finding Happiness in Death, While you were sleeping - Inspector choi

Death is not something to be afraid sounds so plain in words. But being able to smile at your last moment is truly difficult. Inspector Choi has taught not to cry too much, not to beat yourself for a long time, but to never forget what happened. Living in debt of something that was not even his fault, living his life making up for his brother’s sin, he showed us that love is something to be accountable for.

5. Love that expects no returns

Happiness found even when their shadows are together- Han woo Tak and Nam Hong Joo

When most K-dramas were filled with pitiful second leads who cried and begged for the love of the female lead, this drama depicts the beauty of love unsaid, Love that expects the happiness of the person you love. The purity and innocence of Woo Tak’s love for Nam Hong Joo are depicted in the scene.

6.  Being Alone Together

While you were sleeping - Jeong Jae Chan and Nam Hong Joo
While you were sleeping - Jeong Jae Chan, Nam Hong joo

There would always be times when you wish to be alone but not alone either. All you need is a person to sit by your side and do nothing. A person to lean on always gives us the will to move on and to believe that this too shall pass. The scene at the funerals made us feel the warmth of love and at the same time injects the longing to find that special somebody. Painful yet so comforting!!.

Here is something extra for you for going through all those sad moments. This will surely make you watch this drama.

A bit too handsome for a police officer

PS: My personal opinion is not to take such handsome, cute people in the police department. There is much probability in the increase of female criminals!!!!


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