To Jenny – Things that made us smile and think

To Jenny – Things that made us smile and think

‘To Jenny’ is a sweet romantic South Korean television series with just two episodes. The story is about a boy who had a crush on the prettiest girl in his school, who was signed by an entertainment agency. The storyline sounds plain, huh?. But trust me, people, this was so good to watch and if you are looking for a two-hour movie which could help you smile and relax. This is just it!!

1. ” My Mom wouldn’t Lie “

To Jenny - My mom wouldn't lie

When the boy was told he should pay more for what he bought, he replies that his mother told him that it was enough and that his mom wouldn’t lie. The boy with overwhelming cuteness reminds us how much we believed our mothers and the innocence we had in our childhood.

2. “Leave him be, This is what he wants to do”

This is something that at least some of us wants our parents to say. And I felt so happy when the mother, instead of doubting his capabilities and being worried about his stage fear supported him in what he wanted to be. The sister is also so supportive and this scene tells us that no matter how people toss us around, we would always have our family.

3. “Really!!” – That moment of disbelief

To Jenny- GIF - There was nothing to do - ugly friend

when your friend equally ugly or uglier ( I am not judging faces!!. Please don’t misunderstand) than you, dates and kisses before you even being in a relationship. There comes the moment of disbelief and jealousy. Just look at his face… Lol!!

4. When your younger sister is your relationship guru!!

Brother playing background music - To Jenny

When you have never been in a relationship and your 10-year-old sister confronts a proposal making you play the background score. Seriously !!!. Waah… I was speechless by the girl’s guts but at the same time, this scene portrays the depth of the brother-sister relationship. He looks as if he was drained out the last drop of his life…LOL!!!

5. ” I have to say it though. It won’t be easy for you”

I have to say it tough. It won't be easy - To Jenny
When his sister put up a serious face and tells him that it won’t be easy to get the girl and he admits. Even if the actors are dead serious here, we can’t help but laugh. They are one among the best brother-sister pair I have seen onscreen. Hands off to the feels!!
6.  The First Touch
That First Touch -  To Jenny - Reaction
After all the struggle, you end up teaching your crush guitar and she touches you. The reaction is simply priceless. I personally feel it’s more difficult to act natural and I wonder if we will get the feels if it is somebody other than him. His minute expressions are the best!! and this scene is my personal favourite.

7. ” How will you survive in this world if you’re so nice?”

To Jenny- GIF - How will you survive in this world if you are this nice

A cute scene that makes us think about the world we live in. Is it really hard to survive in this world if we are nice? The series itself at the end come up with the answer. And that is, there would certainly be hardships no matter how nice you are, but in the end, your sincerity wouldn’t be left unseen.

8. The Kiss

To Jenny- GIF - The Kiss - Pure and innocent

This kiss was as pure and innocent as his love towards her. Don’t talk behind my back people.., Kisses can be pure too…Lol!!. The one thing about the drama is that it can’t remain serious for not more than five minutes. The after scenes are even more fun watching.

So..That’s all about the drama part. If you don’t have enough time to watch it, just go and watch the songs in this drama. Most of them are peppy, cheerful and lively. My favourite is Tiramisu Cake. Once you watch the songs, you might even clear your schedule to watch the drama.

PS: If you think love should be pure and innocent and that it should be measured by heart, not by the face, the series is surely a great watch. That’s all for today. Have a nice day!!

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