“How do you write about love when you have never been in love?” I ask him today. This was long due, I have been wanting to ask him this ever since I started reading him. He smiles, then replies, “There is nothing much to it… It’s just like everything else. May be even easier.” I look at him perplexed. All […]

This is inspired from the kdrama ‘The Devil Judge’. I fell in love with the ost and wanted to write.

To Room Nineteen – Doris Lessing

In a recent conversation with a male friend he asked, “If you are planning to get married at some point of life, why does it matter if you get married at 22 or 25?”. Well.. I don’t know what changes for a man. But brought up in a patriarchal society, I have always felt many things change for a women. […]

Reply 1994 and How it teaches Life…

I have been hearing splendid reviews about the reply series ever since I entered the K-drama world. It sure took me long to sit down to watch one and I regret not watching it earlier. The story revolves around the life of a few students in their 20’s, most of them from the countryside moving to Seoul for college and […]

To Jenny – Things that made us smile and think

‘To Jenny’ is a sweet romantic South Korean television series with just two episodes. The story is about a boy who had a crush on the prettiest girl in his school, who was signed by an entertainment agency. The storyline sounds plain, huh?. But trust me, people, this was so good to watch and if you are looking for a two-hour […]