“How do you write about love when you have never been in love?” I ask him today. This was long due, I have been wanting to ask him this ever since I started reading him.

He smiles, then replies, “There is nothing much to it… It’s just like everything else. May be even easier.”

I look at him perplexed. All around people have been telling me about love – how it is black and white the same time, how it is sweet and sour the same time & I could never understand how one thing could be something & it’s exact opposite at the same time. Are they mistaken? Or is it because he has never been in love?. I look at him praying for answers, an explanation.So,

He continues, “You know, Love is not something you can explain. It changes with people. It’s different for you, different for me. So for some, love could be as simple as having a meal together,deep conversations, warm hugs & passionate kisses, for some love could be about respecting each other’s boundaries, knowing when and not to barge in, for some it could be grand gestures or sweet words, or for some it could be sacrifices, giving up and forgiveness. Again for some people, It could be all this. We could argue that this is not the right way, we could argue it’s not love.But in the end, who knows. We all like to and believe ours is the right way.

So if you are moved, brought to tears about what I write about love, have you ever thought it could be simply because we believe love to be something similar, it’s just that our definitions, yours and mine, match. Or else , it could be something we both expect of love, someday, when it comes.And for the record, if love could be anything, …ah..As love could be anything, I have been in love too. I might still be. Do I really have to let the other person know to be in love?. Couldn’t I just start and end love on my own?And does it even have to be a person?.”

He laughs again and this time, I melt into his infectious laughter. May be, today…. now…yet another love story had begun. Listening to him I feel like I have fallen in love – a love that started on it’s own, a love so new that nobody have ever wrote about it. May be I will one day, or may be….may be he will.