There are days when I can’t help but write, –
days like this when I seek you out and finally break down in your arms.

Did you know that I used to hate showing my weak side to people?. Did you know I had days when I cry and cry and cry till there is no more tears to come, no more to show in front of people? Nobody knew. I was so ashamed, so scared to admit that I felt things deeply, that sometimes it was all so overwhelming that I had to take a break, breathe. I hid. I hid behind words, smiles and okays.

But these days, I feel at ease.
I feel at ease having somebody to go to,
somebody who tells me it is okay
to feel, to cry,
to have moments where you crumble down.
At times, I wonder if I am being a burden,
At times, I wonder if I deserve this,
more often, I want to be somebody to whom you can come crying to,
I want to be your home,
just like you are mine.

Screenshot – Kdrama – The Devil Judge. –
Caption – @confused_thinker

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