My ID Is Gangnam Beauty – Things to look forward to while watching!!

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty – Things to look forward to while watching!!

Plastic Surgery is not done just on the urge of being beautiful and pretty, rather It’s kind of an escape for a person who was never able to become average. Is not being born pretty and feminine something to be ridiculed on? Is fixing your face in hope of being treated as a person something to be ashamed of ?. Do people really judge only on the basis of who you are? These are the main focal points of the drama. And on the way, there are many things that are portrayed with care.

1. “Winning a fight is not what a victim need. They wish not to be a part of a fight or the victim of the attack. “

Winning a fight is not what a victim need. They wish not to be a part of a fight or the victim - My ID id Gangnam Beauty

This was something that caught my attention.  Denied even the right to react is something horrible. The scene shows how hard it is to muster up the courage to fight back and the feeling of defeat when you end up bullied even more.

2.” Other people may think she’s ugly but I think she’s prettier than Kim Tae Hee. “

Ever wondered on what is the purest form of love? And this scene shouts out the answer. Nothing can beat a father’s love for his daughter. Basically, it is, ” No matter what others say, my daughter is the best “. Loved the scene!! , especially the passenger’s bewildered expression… Lol!!

3. All That Glitters Is Not Gold

My ID is Gangnam Beauty - Evil Bitch

The character that throws out the question, “Are all pretty people nice? “. Should ugly refer to what’s on the surface or in the core?.  Smile and pretty words can be extremely deceiving and blind trust of a person just on the basis of how he/she looks is not at all healthy is what she tells us.

4. Feminine Or Cool – “I wanted to show them I was good too”.

team leader Dance - My Id is Gangnam Beauty
I wanted to show them that i was good too - My ID is gangnam beauty

I was pretty impressed by the fact that the female lead danced to Psy’s  New Face instead of the ‘look all pretty, feminine” girl group song. She looked so cool and I kind of felt it stamped the fact that what she wanted was not be called pretty/ feminine but to be acknowledged. Never been able to showcase what she had got was her greatest grief.

5. “People Like Me, Mom”.

People like me, Mom - My ID is Gangnam beauty

I was so touched by the scene between the mother and the daughter. She is crying her eyes out in the happiness of being recognised and having fun with no worries for the first time. Thumbs up for the scene!!

6. ” I ‘m sorry, Dad”

I'm sorry, Dad - My ID is gangnam beauty

  I was in conflict whether to side with the daughter or the father in the scene. For the father who was satisfied with his daughter’s face was so adamant about the surgery, but she ended up doing it. From the father’s perspective, he might feel so distant with the new face. And for the daughter, it must have been hard living neglected by the world. I will let you people choose the side. I can’t. Sorry!!

Now…Let’s leave that aside and think purely from the perspective of a fangirl. The main lead is Astro Cha Eun Woo and his character is just exactly our type. Godly Visuals + Bad Boy Attitude. So guys… If you have a special inclination towards bad boys, It’s a must watch. 

I'm not interested - My ID is Gangnam  Beauty - Cha Eun Woo

I am really excited for the next episodes and see how it will turn out. So if you have some free time, why not give it a watch. It’s available in dramafever and ondramanice.

That’s all for today. Have a great Day!!!

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