We might have met before..It’s just you didn’t notice!!

  • You and I were on the same train…but neither did we notice or neither did we realize that one day we will be walking hand in hand,talking about  all sort of odd things.You were just a stranger and when our eyes met for the first time,i just took it back and rested it somewhere else.But today love has made you handsome than you can imagine and my eyes starve to  look at you.Now I want life to be a train journey,where there is just you and me,sitting face to face in an empty compartment. Yes,life where the farthest becomes the closest and nothing becomes everything with a single word,a single action or even smaller,a single blink.This is somebody’s story…but who knows!!!the person you stare at,when on a bus,might be the one you have been waiting for..rare but not unoccuring.So,live life with a smile..cause it’s gonna give you unexpected surprises :D

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