Writing is survival

Writing is survival

I remember you telling somebody
I write for fun.
I know..
Probably you were scared
that they just like you,
would be afraid of a girl who writes,
a girl who inhales words like air.

But Ma,
you may already know,
writing for me
was never just a diversion.
It was never
“Now I have some time,
So I will write”
Writing for me was survival.
It for me was holding on,
a plea to myself to give
‘me’ another chance.

Writing for me was to forget,
to forgive, to breathe
to live and let live.

It was hiding a past,
painting me violet,
So the old bruises
could no longer be seen.
It was coloring my skin
to match the color of pain.

Writing was never fun,
writing was survival.

Pic credit : Pinterest – Fragments